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Celebrating World Reggae Day

Celebrating World Reggae Day #ReggaeDay #ThisIsMyReggae #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Celebrating World Reggae Day

The day of the 01ER July is dedicated to the celebration of World Reggae Day.

It marks the #8217 anniversary of the creation of this famous form of musical expression #8217. The worldwide spread of Reggae has not escaped anyone.

The emergence reggae

The date of the 01ER July would actually correspond to the day when Toots sang his famous “Do The reggae” en 1968. Yet, not all experts agree on this point. And others see rather a slow emergence of this style of music during the sixties.

The Reggae, resistance against imperialism

During the years 1960, reggae music has asserted itself in parallel with the various resistance movements against American imperialism. If she was born in Kingston, Jamaica, Since, it conquered the rest of the world. And it is in particular through’must-see icons like Bob Marley, yet died in 1981. This style of music has acquired an emblematic Rastafari character, but its fundamental nature remains unknown.

Reggae, it's a unique sensibility and mindset, deeply opposed to riots and racial prejudice. It goes hand in hand with Rastafarianism. It is a nucleus of spiritual resistance advocating a return to an African identity, which was a determining factor for music.

Rebuilding African culture

Born in Jamaica in the 1990s 1930, Rastafarianism has established itself as a movement of cultural resistance of blacks. And it blossomed decades later.

Rastafarianism promises African heirs to rediscover and rebuild their culture that has been suppressed by European domination. It is therefore an attempt to ensure the survival of African culture, and a fight against slavery, colonialism and imperialism.

Although Rastafarian resistance embodies the social and cultural values that characterize Jamaica, it has not remained isolated but has spread to the Caribbean and the diaspora, particularly in England with the Jamaican exodus. Its origin is therefore secondary to the role it played.

Music has a social dimension. Each style is linked to the particular cultural place of its origin. Rastafarianism has influenced reggae, having inherited himself from the way oppressed peoples use music to escape their fate.

Having grown in the years 1970, this movement opposed socio-economic realities such as unemployment, lack of national identity and poverty.

Reggae is therefore primarily a socio-political movement that aims to convey ideas, to affirm values and express expectations. He denounces discrimination, subordination and fights meanness. Its ability to unite cultures, nations and causes is intact and ready to be implemented. (UN Chronicle)

Today, reggae is always a state of mind away from all racial prejudices but also from any form of rioting and violence.

Celebrating Reggae World Day in Madagascar against Covid-19

A few hours before the celebration of World Reggae Day, no protests have yet been confirmed. The state of health emergency linked to coronavirus.

If each 01ER July, the celebration of this form of resistance against imperialism is in full swing, organizers pass the round for the year 2020.

Yet, this day remains an unmissable date of reggae music that is very inspired in Madagascar. Usually, Malagasy artists' associations and groups always celebrate the event with great fanfare. The result of a major collaboration, the impact of the reggae movement takes on a social dimension in the Big Island.

Obviously, each event always goes beyond the musical field by highlighting the cultural questions and social and environmental causes that inspire the commitment of artists. (Noon-Madagasikara_30/06/20)

By l’Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand #CocoLodgeMajunga

The team wishes you a great international Reggae day. May peace be upon all of us !

Some quotes from Bob Marley :

"Music can make men free. ».

"God created people in technicolor. God has never made a difference between a black, a white, a blue, a green or a pink. »

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