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Reforestation campaign in 2020

Reforestation campaign in 2020 #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Reforestation campaign in 2020

Reforestation campaign in 2020, Green Madagascar for the 60th anniversary of independence

More than 60 000 000 young plants will be planted to green Madagascar. Creforestation ampagna in 2020, pour 60th anniversary of independence.

Project "Covering Forest All Madagascar"

In October 2019, President of the Republic and the number one environment, Monsieur Alexandre GEORGET, led a raid on Mahajanga. This includes in the municipality of Belobaka and in the Ankarafantsika Park. It was as part of the implementation of the project "Covering Forest All Madagascar".

They initiated this to see first-to-eye the realities on ankarafantsika Park. It was also in order to know more practically the evolutions of each species to be planted, depending on the seasonal periods. Thus, we can continue the reforestation campaign, throughout Madagascar.

Including, it is a question of issuing the feasibility of these large-scale reforestation, for each region, if we refer to this descent. Addition, The Boeny region is one of the regions experiencing deforestation and land clearing that are causing the increased needs of localized households in these constituencies.

Reforestation campaign in 2020 for Madagascar to become a green island again

It should be noted that more than one hectare of forest is burned and cleared, each year, given its ultimate needs. To make up for it, all action will always be put in place with all citizens. Let's do what is necessary to make Madagascar a green island again as it once was. Indeed, we launched the challenge. We'll plant more 60.000.000 forest seeds or by seed pellets for 2020 all over the country. And it will be under the initiatives of the Presidency and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

The President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, calls for the effective participation of institutions or entities or also by living forces at their respective levels, while focusing its efforts on their monitoring and preservation.

In one day, everyone has a need to mobilize for the plantations of 60.000.000 young trees for this year, with the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Development. This will be part of the Celebration of the 60th anniversary of Madagascar's independence. And we're going to put more 10.000.000 seedlings in nursery areas in the Boeny region.

This event is historic. And this is a great turning point for the Big Island that needs to be placed, innovation and change for the Nation. Hence the address the most important challenges of reforestation the Big Island to prevent climate change.

More than 60.000.000 young plants for the project

For this year, Madagascar is considering the provision of more than 60.000.000 young plants. This for the project to "cover all Madagascar with forest". Apart from the young trees, we're going to take special care of harvested seeds. The Departments' Branches or dismemberments in charge of their crops according to the geographical areas will ensure this care. To President Andry Rajoelina, to clarify that presidential projects through the innovations of cities, like Majunga, that's going to be an urban landscape, in the coming months.

Reforestation campaign in 2020, a great initiative

Quite an initiative, under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Coco Lodge Majunga congratulates the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development on this fine effort. Let's give Madagascar back its green colour.

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