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Happy Birthday to all Dads !

Happy Birthday to all Dads ! #JetAimePapa #ILoveYouDad #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Happy Birthday to all Dads !

Let's celebrate our dads !

Our dads will be in the spotlight, this Sunday 21 June 2020. “Happy Birthday to all Dads !”

Each year, we celebrate our parents. After Mother's Day, we're celebrating Father's Day. We thank them for their time with them, protection, and especially the love they give us throughout our lives.

Let him be a hen dad, daddy cake, authoritarian or protective, disonsJE T’AIMEà notre papa !

Savez-vous l’origine de cette fête ?

Father's Day is an annual holiday that we celebrate in honor of our fathers. On this occasion, children (and even adults of course) offer gifts to their father. Depending on the country, The date of its celebration is variable. But most have chosen to Celebrate in June.

But where does this beautiful custom come from? ? Who is behind it ?

Modern Origin of Father's Day

The most famous origin of modern Father's Day dates back to the 20th century. It originated in the United States where it was established in 1910. The idea of establishing a father's Day day came from Sonora Louise Smart Dodd.

So this is the family story Smart Dodd and the special dedication of the young Sonora that will influence the establishment of a National Day that will be formalized as a national celebration by President Richard Nixon in 1972.

Sonora was born in 1842 Arkansas. She held her father (William Jackson Smart) in high esteem. A beautiful day, she goes to church and hears a sermon dedicated to Mother's Day, newly introduced in the United States. From that date, she decides to campaign for fatherhood to be given this recognition.

Then, it is approaching the Spokane Ministerial Alliance. She suggested that they introduce a "Day of Honour for Fathers". And it offers them the date of the 05 June which is his father's birthday. But in the end, The alliance will choose the last Sunday of June to celebrate dads.

Thus, the first celebration of Father's Day will take place in 1910 Spokane. And, over time, this idea will become more and more popular. And it will spread all over the country. By the way, the city will even receive a telegraph from President Woodrow Wilson in 1916 to praise the idea of this celebration.

But it's en 1966, chaired by Lyndon B. Johnson that the government officially proclaims the date of Father's Day and introduces it from the American calendar.

En 1972, President Nixon Institutes Father's Day as an Official and Permanent National Celebration. And in 1974, Sonora to be honoured at Spokane World's Fair. She died four years later, at the age of 94 years.

A commercial origin in France

In France, Father's Day first appeared in 1950. And it was for a commercial reason : pour vendre desbiquets” ! …

The Breton company Flaminaire, wanting to make more sales of these lighters all over France, launches Father's Day in the country. They chose the third Sunday of June, as in the United States. The company decided to launch a commercial operation with a slogan as follows : "Our dads told us, for Father's Day, they all want a Flaminaire".

It is in 1952 Father's Day is formalized by decree in France, keeping the third Sunday in June.

Christian origin

Since the Middle Ages, Catholic families are already celebrating Father's Day on 19 March, St. Joseph's Day who is considered the adoptive father and foster father of Jesus Christ.

(Source : teteamodeler, com_ 20/06/20)

By l’Hôtel★★★ Coco Lodge Majunga

Happy Birthday to all the dads in the world, de la part de toute notre équipe !

To allow you to have a great time between father and child, or with family, we remain open and offer you a "Afternoon pool" : free pool access, with pancakes, Waffles, sambos, plate of fries, ice creams and drinks at discretion ...

Coco Lodge Majunga is both :

Passez une excellente fête les Papas !

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