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Boeny Aranta

The villagers of Boeny Aranta aspire to the development of tourism home
Boeny Aranta, a small land west of Mahajanga town was chosen by the Regional Directorate of the Boeny tourism for the regional celebration of world tourism day the 22 and 23 last October.
A 20 minute ride in canoe, This island, long and 2km wide of 70 m is part of the fokontany of Boeny Aranta, Mitsinjo district.

The remains of the Palace, the mosque, military camp, and the graves marking the old installation of Arab Sultans who immigrated there in the middle of the XVI century are especially archaeological fame (International) and tourism of Antsoheribory.
In addition, its richness in fauna and flora, among others, the birds and marine fish and primitive vegetation marked by the dominance of the baobabs.
Of these, the VOI Baobab village community association (Vondron'olona ifotony) Boeny Aranta got its name.

Protect and preserve the heritage of this island, then promote it in worthy of the name tourism site. This is the goal of the VOI Baobab, created in recent years to co-manage the ecological environment of Boeny Aranta with the DREEF (Regional management of the environment and the ecological and forest) Boeny and germano-malgache cooperation GIZ Mahajanga.
Native fishers and manufacturers of canoes, a few hundreds of Sakalava of Boeny Aranta hope to see their lives improve and their fokontany develop through this tourism project on the island of Antsoheribory, and this, of their own initiatives.
Transportation and accommodation : problems to solve

Many domestic and foreign tourists have already visited Boeny Aranta and Antsoheribory, However access is not easy. It is accessed by land, only in the dry season with a car off-road, After connecting Mahajanga and Katsepy by a ferry to engine. On the other hand, throughout the year, There is a 'taxi-canoes"which are the direct shuttle between Mahajanga and Boeny Aranta for a fresh 5000 ariary per person.

Accommodation, lighting and drinking water are also major flaws at the reception of visitors and tourists to Boeny Aranta and Antsoheribory.

The VOI Baobab appeals to public and private partners to support so that the theme "tourism". : for the development of the community"is not a utopia on the part of the Ministry of tourism has picked, and a project that stops at the stage of theory for village communities.

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