How to get started his day ?

The 5 commandments to follow

  1. Exercise, You'll do

Contrary to received, the sport is more vitalizing that tiring. Physical activity in the morning allows you to boost your cardio in order to more easily take all day. That brings you renewed vital energy. Finally, physical activity is also a way to combat the stress of the day looming. – What do I do ? If you not a fan of the morning run or ABS in the living room, You can walk your dog or go to work on foot or by bicycle. Each problem, its solution.

Comment bien commencer sa journée ?
How to get started his day ? By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga
  1. The morning, you pick you

Why do organize you in the morning ? Just because it's the time of the most propitious day. You are still calm and able to think and organize your schedule. – What do I do ? Write down the goals of the day with important meetings, the caseload and the interview with the new intern, etc. Plan when this organization a break of approximately 10 minutes after each activity, Please save your sanity in order to be more operational later. Do not overdo either, your boss might get you noticed.

  1. A good healthy, balanced breakfast, You'll take

We all know what it's like to go hungry at the office drinking a simple coffee as a breakfast. It cannot be repeated enough but every meal breakfast is the most important of the day because it covers one quarter of our daily intake. Having the stomach fills early in the morning you will be shaped, to have energy all morning and especially avoid to be disturbed by the groans of your stomach, de plus il contribue à garder la ligne ! – What do I do ? A hot drink, a juice, a pastry, a dairy product, fruit chewable. The secret is in the balance and diversity of the selected products. Avoid all the same, the big donut that leaves marks on the costume.

  1. Your day, You visualiseras

Do not hesitate to wake you up 15 minutes or even half an hour before that doesn't wake up to prepare quietly without being stressed or worried. There is nothing worse than to start his day by being emotional because we prepared in a rush and we ran to catch his train on time. – What do I do ? Optimize your time. While brushing the teeth or in transport, We have time to see his day. Think about the good times, It's positive thinking and it's nothing ridiculous, Since this can help put you in a good mood. Get up on the right foot, It is also played in the head.

  1. Les tâches de tato do list”, you will make

Although it is already taken and occupied by our day's work, There's always a moment where we think of this famous list of things to do. Force push them back, It makes the situation worse. Procrastination, enemy of all. – What do I do ? The trick is to take care as soon as possible and to start with the thankless the most in order to get rid of as fast : “ce qui est fait n’est plus à faire”. At the end of your day you will be more relaxed and you will have more free time to spend you.

Now you know what you have to do to have a great day, You can play now …

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga



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