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Baobabs between land and sea

Adansonia is a kind of family trees in the Bombacaceae according to the classical classification, or that of the Malvaceae according to phylogenetic classification. These are trees that emerge from the Savannah, resistant to intense heat, can live very old and measure 40 meters high.

Its species are commonly called "Baobab"., or sometimes bottle tree. Fruit, the akoussa, or monkey bread, have food or cosmetics range.

By their impressive size and their original forms, baobabs are among the most remarkable trees of the world.

Madagascar, the Giants are still poorly known because it is difficult to access.

While there is only a single species for the entire African continent, There are six species in Madagascar, all endemic, which specific coastal three. There is also an endemic species of baobab in the Northwest of the Australia, Adansonia gregorii.

'Dishtopia tree' in South Africa would be one of the biggest in the world, with a trunk of 34 m in circumference is 10,8 meters in diameter. He would have 6000 According to its owner, but only 800 According to the doctor[Which ?]. Specialists[Which ?] believe that the baobabs do not live more than 2000 years. A baobab tree can contain up to 10 000 litres of water, who can particularly draw elephants capable to Pierce their bark to drink this water.

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