Air : Some people allowed to enter the territory

Air : Some people allowed to enter Malagasy territory, with measures to follow, following the Council of Ministers

Air : Some people allowed to enter the territory

At the Council of Ministers 12 may, measures on border closures have been revised. Finally, borders are not completely closed to travellers from abroad. Air : Some people allowed to enter the territory.

Authorized persons

The state has granted exceptions to certain persons entering the country diplomats who work and reside in Madagascar, Experts in strategic industries working with the state, Missionaries State, United Nations System and its united Nations, and Malagasy athletes who represent the country at international competitions.


A committee of four ministries, namely, Department of Transportation, Public Health, Foreign Affairs and the Department of Trade and Industry, will work together issuing permissions.

Review of the Council of Ministers 21 April

"No traveller from abroad will be able to enter Madagascar, no matter where you start". This, to prevent other variants of coronavirus from landing in Madagascar, including, the Indian variant that wreaks havoc in India and is classified by WHO as a "variable of concern", with a high "transmission rate" and a "rapid increase in prevalence".


This virus is, Unfortunately, already present in some 40 countries, as the France, The meeting, and even in Africa, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Cases of Indian variants have been detected in South Africa, Kenya, to the Morocco.

The fact that these travellers are diplomats, experts in strategic industries, or state missionaries, does not nert the risk of transporting another variant of the Covid-19 virus to Madagascar. The virus does not choose its victims. Anyone can get it.

And the arrival of the Indian variant of coronavirus in Madagascar will be problematic. The India, severely hit by the coronavirus epidemic, with nearly three hundred thousand new cases detected in 24 hours, faces a cruel lack of oxygen.

It couldn't be better in Madagascar. Already with five hundred cases of hospitalization of serious cases, hospitals have been overwhelmed, patients were pushed back at the front doors and some succumbed to, because medical oxygen was lacking.

What to do

The state will take measures to prevent the spread of another variant in Madagascar, as was the case for the South African variant.

Travellers must present the result of a PCR test 72 hours before arrival, and repeat a test on arrival.

They'll be quarantined for eight days.. If the PCR test is positive, their confinement will last to fourteen days.

Borders will remain closed to tourists, people who wish to visit their families or spend a holiday and those who are going to attend a funeral.

(Source : The #8217 Express Madagascar)

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