Program on a week or 10 days in Mahajanga on a basis of 4 people

Day 1 : Arrival at the airport of Mahajanga and supported by coconut Lodge shuttle ; arrival at the hotel, Welcome cocktail, presentation of the hotel, the restaurant and the program. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 : Breakfast at the hotel in 07.30 and departure 08.30 for small beach and Grand Pavois. Beach, bathing, Sun bath and lunch at noon at the Grand Pavois Barracuda. Siesta in the shade on the beach and start walking to 16.00 for the Red Circus (30 minute walk). Walk in the circus in the sun setting and return to the Barracuda to 18.00 to return to the hotel to 18.30/19.00. Dinner.

Day 3 : Breakfast at the hotel in 07.00 and departure for 02 days to the Anjohibe caves (3 to 4 roads in 4 hours×4 including ¾ of tracks).
Arrival around noon on the site, taken bungalows, lunch, NAP and departure in 4×4 in the fishing village where guests embark on a pirogue in the mangrove to another village and return on foot, super easy stroll for an hour with crossing foot in the water of a small watercourse prior to arrival at the sunset to a natural pool on a huge flat rock. Fantastic.

Day 4 : wake up to 08.00, breakfast and departure to the caves (30 to 45 minutes of gentle slopes). Return of the caves to midi/13.00 and lunch on site. NAP and start to 15.00 for arrival at coconut Lodge to 18/19.00.

Day 5 : free day with a visit of the city of Mahajanga, its markets, its historical doors, the Damayanti garden, its dike, cornice, …

Day 6 : Breakfast at the hotel in 07.30 and departure 08.30 Ankarafantsika Park (2 hours drive). Arrival at the Park, snacks and start of the tour coquereli. Lunch picnic in the forest to 13.00, NAP and departure in 4×4 for the canyon (30 minutes). Return to 17.00 Mahajanga and arrive at the Lodge Coco to 19/19.30.

Day 7 : departure for week clients ; If not for those who remain 10 days, departure to 09.00 for a magical day at Antsanitia (1 hour of roads and tracks), return at sunset to night 18/19.00. Dinner at the hotel coconut Lodge.

Day 8 : Breakfast at the hotel in 05.30 and departure 06.00 for Katsepy Antrema via the tray of the population, charm guaranteed … Arrival to Katsepy to 08.00, snack and departure in Peugeot 404 for Katsepy lighthouse and a ride to the fishing village down with the blue circus. Starting around noon for lunch around noon 30/13.00 at Antrema. NAP and departure for the beaches on foot (15 minute walk) with the crossing of a bridge over the mangrove, arrival on the beach, swimming and boarding in a speedboat to the mangrove, the sea front and back in Mahajanga toward 17/17.30. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 9 : free day

Day 10 : departure to the airport.

  • Tariff on a database 4 people, non-accommodation and food services at the hotel * restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga :
    WEEK = € 700
    10 DAYS = € 990

Additional information on circuits.

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