5 DECEMBER 2017 World day of equality of opportunity

It is easier to proclaim the equal opportunities to achieve… so together, realize the equal opportunities !

5 DECEMBER 2017 World day of equality of opportunity by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

As a social value, equality of opportunity is a complex concept. The term equality is, Indeed, polysemous, and so subject to interpretation. Objectivity in the definition given in this article will be relative. Also note the ambiguity of the word luck, put in the plural in this expression.

Why a world day of equality of opportunity ?
In France as in many countries in the world, obtaining a degree is a determining factor for access to employment in the best conditions. Yet, in the world, the observation is recurrent : young people from modest backgrounds, because of persistent discrimination and social determinism, geographical and cultural, are little represented in these trainings, even if they have the potential. Equality of opportunity is not natural.
There are now many initiatives that try to restore equality of opportunity. The Passport future association and his community of success Different Leaders have decided to make them known to mobilize citizens and society for the success of all students.
Unfortunately, There are far from the Cup to the lips and, in France as well as in many other countries in the world, This equality of opportunity is not self-evident. A degree which is crucial to getting a job does not have the same advantages to each.
Young people from modest backgrounds, suburbs, hot neighborhoods, because of persistent discrimination and also a certain social and cultural determinism, are little represented in the highest rated training, When well even if they have the potential.

The DIFFERENT LEADERS includes the community of passport future success and opens up to other young people who believe in the same goal : build a community of different leaders by their history, by their practices and their commitments.
In the four corners of the world, Different Leaders went to meet their neighbors, colleagues and passers-by to collect their ideas on issues related to equality of opportunity.
Discover the Different Leaders as guests in the large radio stations such as NRJ and/or voices of the Diaspora. Listen to the !

The equal opportunities… Words that circulate from one Government to the other, passing from one school to another, as the title of a recitation learned by heart by all school actors. But what are we talking about ?
The equal opportunities, It is an expression. She appears for the first time in a speech of Jean-Pierre Chevènement, then Minister of education, the 7 February 1986. Since, all his successors ownership formula, school to ensure equality of opportunities for all students.
The equal opportunities, It is also a principle. The Republican school, compulsory and free must ensure equality between citizens. The France, as recalled by the sociologist François Dubet, is attached to the idea of justice. Republican and antiaristocratique tradition is based on the principle that the only way to produce acceptable inequalities, is to build a competition which would release another social hierarchy, oppose the legacy and the past hierarchies. For the founding father of the Republic, the school has replaced the Church in its ability to transmit values and principles, in its ability to form citizens. School, It is the Republic, and the Republic, It's school.

Equality of opportunity is not natural
Many initiatives are emerging to try to restore equality of opportunity. The initiative of the world day for the equal opportunities was a first Thursday 26 November 2015 and has made possible a citizen mobilization for the success of all students.
More than 5000 people affected by the event in 2016 in 7 cities around the world (Marseille, Paris, Novels reviews, Abidjan, Casablanca, Blackburn, Washington). This year, We want a broader rally again.
More than 50 Volunteers, students, active youth, members of the Different Leaders or partner associations are mobilizing for the event.

Madagascar, more than 500 infrastructure have been carried out in the 22 regions of Madagascar, which many of them are women and girls. Projects that affect the equality of opportunity and well-being, has been made with the construction of two urban digital homes for women of the 3rd and 5th districts of the capital. Girls Avoko Faravohitra Center will also have a. This last is a program to facilitate the integration of women and young people, providing them with an opportunity to become familiar with the ICT tools. Another digital home will also be in place for the benefit of women of Antsiranana and both are in partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI). For the health sector, Orange solidarity Madagascar joins forces with Compassion Madagascar in the creation of 4 centres 'kangaroo MOM"to Ambohidratrimo, at the maternity hospital Itaosy, Alasora and Befelatanana hospital. Always in this sense, with health South, There will be a strengthening of the quality of management of pregnancies and births at risk by 55 community practitioners in rural and isolated from the big island. Education, If in 2014 and 2015, Orange solidarity Madagascar has implemented digital from education 58 public schools, This year, It plans to equip 30 new schools. There is also the training of women in the use of ICT tools.

You should read this report which builds a detailed document that was at the heart of the special retreat of the Board of Directors of theUNICEF dedicated to equity, held in New York in June 2015.

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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