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Valentine's Day D-Day by Hotel★★★ Gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga

Valentine's Day D-Day by Hotel★★★ Gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga

That's it, We are the 14 February, St Valentine's day, It's D-day, even if last night the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet Restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga already organized a first Valentine’s Day dinner, tonight is the 14.

Think about your reservations for tonight and before the big night, We have - you to do …

Valentine gift
Gift or not gift ? If some will tell you that the most important is to share time with the loved one, others feel injuries do not see surprise gift to accompany this privileged moment. Dine at the restaurant or candles (with a little good dish concocted by your care) ; pretty jewel ; bouquet of flowers or chocolate box, as long as it is a sophisticated or custom minimum, You may well make fly !

Valentine meal
Dine at the restaurant or candles are the types of meals privileged to celebrate St. Valentine. But what to do when there is a lack of means or if it is a poor Cook/era ? In the first case, good cheap and Nice plans exist to nose out with pleasure to his half. It is often enough to find them on the internet : in Paris, “capital of lovers”, site offers for example 10 good cheap gourmet plans for Valentine 2016, between concert dinner on a boat at dock, romantic and humorous Brunch at the Jamel Comedy Club and dinner punctuated by a playlist's lover at the Hard Rock Café. And if you prefer to stay warm at home (in the 2nd case, Therefore) ? There, This is your opportunity to call kits “Clerks”, ready meals to cook designed by Star chefs. You will only have to finalize any preparation (the ingredients are delivered to you already cut, dosed and washed). With a special menu lover in addition, exit the stress of Valentine ! This kind of initiative will give a shade both personalized and relaxed to your evening.
But here in Mahajanga, no question, we reserve at the Hotel ★★★ Gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga

Valentine poem
Write a special poem Valentine, have you thought ? If you do not feel the soul of Raimbaud, Alternatively, you can copy one of the works of a love poet. One of those Louis Aragon wrote for Elsa, for example, become his muse for life (You can draw in the compendium “The eyes of Elsa”, 1942). “The letter”, Georges sand, is listed at the top of list of poems perfect out for the occasion. Read by jumping pairs lines promises more voluptuous experience. To stay in the erotic spirit in fashion in this Valentine 2016, Why not recite to your love these some verses from Victor Hugo – a naughty quatrain written by the author for a famous actress of her time, Alice Ozy – :
Plato said, at a time where the sunset pales :
-Gods of the sky, show me Venus out of the wave !
Me, I say, the heart of a deep hard :
-Madam, show me Venus entering the bed !

by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga

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