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293 000 tourists have visited Madagascar in 2016 #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

293 000 tourists have visited Madagascar in 2016 by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga

This is a national record for seven years, with 20% increase compared to 2015.

293 000 tourists have visited Madagascar in 2016

293 000 tourists have visited Madagascar in 2016 by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga.

Madagascar has registered 48.864 more tourists last year, wearing just their number to 293.185, According to the report drawn up by the Ministry of tourism. This has contributed to a GDP of 702 $ million, the only tourism sector.

On these 48 000 additional arrivals, 10 000 came at different summits, meetings and other international events such as sports competitions. 38.800 tourists were transported by cruise ships. In this regard, a quarantine of affected were recorded throughout the year.

During the presentation of the balance sheet of the last tourist season in the press, the 20 January 2017, Roland Ratsiraka, Minister of tourism, has reassured : « For 2017, We plan to continue our actions and increase the number of tourists of 25 %. Thus, We can achieve a goal closely 366 000 tourists in 2017 and especially, reach the bar of 500 000 tourists in 2018 ».

Promising season

The new tourist season promises in all cases of significant improvements since Madagascar is in the top 10 best global destinations 2017, According to the ranking of several international magazines. Also, Malagasy tourism promoters are hoping as tour promotion, in particular « Madagascar promotion tour "in China, in France, at the meeting, in Mauritius, in the Seychelles, in South Africa will pay dividends for the next seasons.

"Again this year., We improve our performance for other clients from other regions, as the Poland and the Germany., the Minister advised. New cruise ships should pass and could still bring us 50 000 more tourists this year. "All this to say that tourism is growing in the country. », he exclaimed.

Reception facilities

The year 2016 has also been marked by the creation of 157 Hotels and restaurants, In addition to the granting of 52 permissions for opening travel and delivery companies. But unlike the previous year, controls at the level of the hotels have been prioritized. « We were able to control 539 establishments while in 2015, He didn't "the Minister said.

Indeed, with its partners, the Department aims to invest more in childcare facilities. In addition to the hotels, It is indeed question of ports and especially airports.

by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga

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