The world celebrates Earth Day this Friday 22 April 2016.
A date which coincides this year with the signing of the Paris agreement on climate change, from the COP 21. The event should be held at United Nations Headquarters in New York. This signature, who will meet several heads of State and Government at the United Nations, including François Hollande, has therefore not been fixed randomly. Earth Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States since 1970, always the 22 April, en commemoration of the creation of the movement environmentalist by a Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson. There are 46 years therefore, He organized a large demonstration for the environment and for its inclusion in U.S. Federal policies. This parade has led to the adoption of several founding laws such as those on the protection of air, water and endangered species, as well as the creation of the environmental protection agency (EPA).

So far, as recalled by Atlantico, the dire predictions of ecologists of the time were particularly pessimistic and are not all checked, nearly half a century later. Without rapid consideration of the environment, some thus announced the death of all the fish in the fact of pollution, pollution, which will require people living in urban areas to wear gas masks and reduce the scope of the rays of the Sun in “plugging” the atmosphere. Were also predicted the end of oil and some metals like copper in the year 2000, the extinction of a very large majority of animal species, a new ice age, overpopulation causing the death of hundreds of millions of people due to a succession of global famine in the years 1980 and 1990, the end of human here civilization 30 years, or even the end of our species…

An important first step.
Takeover by the United Nations as a strong calendar date, the Earth Day has nevertheless become an event globally as soon as 1990, in approximately 140 country, by mobilizing 200 million people. The Earth Summit, Another founder event organized in Rio in 1992 and ancestor of Kyoto or the COP21 conferences, should much also to this 22 April. Over editions, and with a few influential years as 2000 or 2006, the earth day, now named “International day of mother earth”, gradually became the main event ecologist on the planet.

2016 may be another of these historical editions. The agreement of the COP21, found in December 2015 to Paris by 192 countries and ratified this 22 April 2016 several of them, must limit the global temperature increase below 2 ° C, or 1.5 ° C.

Theme 2016: “Trees for the Earth”
The goal set at this earth day is to plant 7,8 billion trees in the 5 next years. Capturing CO2, trees contribute to combat climate change. They also absorb many polluting gases.
The United Nations did not fail to recall the importance of trees on the occasion of the earth day. Among their other virtues, It is stressed that these are also of food and shelter to several animal species. The trees are thus a central element of biodiversity. And when they do providing not energy, they may also be sources of income when they are (reasonably) exploited. Last year, the earth day celebrated protected species.

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